Role of Bacillus clausii in gut dysbiosis

Normal microbial flora in the gut (called as gut microbiome) is considered as part of a defence system of gut. Our gut is exposed to unhealthy foods, allergens, antibiotics, and microbial and other toxins which causes adverse deviation of microbiome composition (known as gut dysbiosis). Probiotics bacteria may modulate and cross-talk with gut barrier and helps in replenishing gut microbiome. Bacillus clausii represents one of the most studied probiotics in this context. It also possess properties like resistance to commonly used antibiotics and production of antimicrobial substances against some pathogenic bacteria.

Why Bacillus clausii SNZ 1971

Sanzyme’s Bacillus clausii SNZ 1971 is a spore-forming bacterium that lives in the soil.Bacillus clausii SNZ 1971 is able to survive passage through the hostile environment like gastric and bile acid and germinate in the gut. Hence, though it is not the part of normal resident intestinal flora, it has the ability to colonize the intestine even in presence of antibiotics. By this way it helps in replenishing microbial flora and corrects dysbiosis.

Bacillus clausii SNZ 1971 received self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status and it is intended for use as a food ingredient for consumers in the following food categories: bakery (biscuits, pastries, cookies, brownies, crackers), cereal bars, dairy products (yogurt,cottage cheese, hard cheeses, and milk drinks and substitute products) and vegetable and fruit juices. Bacillus clausii SNZ 1971 has also been studied for its safety and its benefit in gut health.



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