World aquaculture production has increased significantly in the last decade. Among them, shrimp farming is one of the fastest growing aquaculture sectors in many tropical countries; however, this development has been accompanied by adverse impacts due to intensification – Problems related to diseases and deterioration of environmental conditions. The occurrence of infectious diseases in shrimp aquaculture is a serious problem due to the overuse or misuse of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant genes among opportunistic pathogens such as Vibrio species. In addition, the invertebrate immune system is highly dependent on the innate mechanisms and in theory, is incapable of responding to specific vaccines. Therefore, other alternatives such as probiotic bacteria have been examined in order to control the infectious diseases not only in shrimp aquaculture but also in other farmed aquatic species. Bacillus spp are used in Vannamei Shrimp farming, which has an advantage over other probiotic bacterial species. In addition it is well documented that Bacillus species are able to produce a wide range of extra-cellular substances and antimicrobial peptides against variety of microorganisms. Bacillus subtilis is one amongst them. Application of Bacillus subtilis as a probiotic has brought very promising results for shrimp aquaculture. This bacterium is Non-Pathogenic Gram positive Spore-forming which has been used to improve the growth, performance and also shrimp health and disease management.

Probiotic Bacillus subtilis when administered in to the pond environment challenges the growth and proliferation of pathogenic Vibrio spp. like Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Bacillus subtilis breaks down the compounded minerals available in the pond environment to simpler forms which are readily consumed by the shrimps (minerals are required for shrimp growth since the exoskeleton of shrimps are made of minerals). Bacillus megaterium and Bacillus licheniformis are also useful Probiotic Bacillus spp which are involved in pond water bioremediation and disease producing micro organisms control ( Vibrio spp.) Bacillus licheniforms are capable of producting enzymes like keratinases which help in digestion & recycle of shrimps molted shells, they are capable of producing anti bacterial subtances Bacitracin which helps in the reduction of Vibrio sp in the pond enviroment. Bacillus megaterium are well known phosphate solubilisers which majorily play in the regulation of Phytoplanktons in the pond water. Kenko is the Aqua Division of SANZYME BIOLOGICS – providing Probiotic solutions for problems related to Aquaculture. SANZYME BIOLOGICS Aqua products are result of intense Research and Development which includes Strain Development, Efficacy Testing and Performance for various parameters like withstanding to extreme enviromental conditions. Bacillus strains can be used in pond water management and can be utilized in feed also which enhances the digestion – in turn improving the pond water paramters and contributing to disease management.

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